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Salmiak Noir

An argument over a parking spot gets a lovelorn taxi driver a gangster as passenger. Over the course of the drive's adventures, the taxi driver finds reality and imagination blended into a cocktail of parody and blues, with the bittersweet taste of the Film Noir.

The gangster has had his fill of the routine of his heroic lifestyle: his successes as "serial hero" have allowed him to grow careless. He'd like to change genres, but his face isn't made for a new role in life.
The taxi driver finds himself sentenced, because no one can swallow his trivial stories. But his romantic longing for true love persists, even under the most difficult circumstances.


Starring: Rüdiger Matzeit, Joachim Lünenschloß, Zazie de Paris, Uli Versum...

Written and directed by: Volker Lüdecke
Producer: Joachim Lünenschloß
Associate Producers: Oswald Schwander, Eva Resch
Director of Photography: Jürgen Meissl
Assistant Director: Stefanie Heim
Gaffer: Gerion Wirthensohn
Sound: Günther Ries, Ralf Steikert
Editors: Gerion Wirthensohn, Uschi Koch
Costumes: Stefanie Heim
Make u: Katharina Wulff
Music: Paul Modler, Jon Rose, Billie Holiday...

In 1992 SALMIAK NOIR was screened at film festivals in Umeå, Sweden;
San Sebastian, Spain; and Groningen, The Netherlands.

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