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Joachim Lünenschloß

Joachim Lünenschloß

Joachim Lünenschloß was born in Germany in 1955. Together with Julian Freixa, he is one of the two founding shareholders of the NEUE FILZ FILM GmbH for which he is also engaged as script writer, director, and producer.

The former company "FILZ- FILM- PRODUKTION-VERLEIH Berlin" was founded by Lünenschloß in Berlin in 1989. During that first year, the company produced the short film BILDER, BILDER EINER AUSSTELLUNG with Lünenschloß as the director and the lead actor.

Between 1990 and 1992 the company produced and distributed the feature film SALMIAK NOIR, which was written and directed by Volker Lüdecke and produced by Joachim Lünenschloß .

In the 1980s, Lünenschloß was the founding board member of the Berlin Filmbüro, a registered organization representing film makers in Berlin. In this capacity, he took part in meetings with other representatives of the film industry and helped draft amendments to the West Berlin regulations governing funding for film productions.

In 2003 Lünenschloß moved to Cologne, where he worked in different projects in the field of cinema and television production

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